Where we begun!

My name is Rogers Wako Kinani born on 1973 June 12th, first born in a family of 8 from a very poor and needy background. My father was Anglican and my mother was catholic which left us confused. Despite all this, I loved Studying the Torah and at the age of 17 years, I had a personal encounter with Father where I heard a voice in me calling me to serve him through helping the orphans and needy children.

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For about 10 years Father laid it on me to serve him but I feared because I did not trust God.

In 2009 December, I and with my wife Betty resigned from our jobs and in 2010 February we started Cornerstone Church. On 2010 May 12th, I read the story in the newspaper about 4 children who were abandoned in the house for 3 months. Natasha (8), Vanessa (5), Isaac (3) and Moses (1 & half) years respectively. The Lord instructed me to look for them which I did and I took them up.

The number of orphans and other needy children has grown to 214 and 486 from the community. This brings the number to 700 altogether. Some of these children have HIV/AIDS. We started a Cornerstone school where these children study from. In a every special way, I want to thank my wife Betty who has helped/supported/encouraged me a lot in this walk of faith and my children Enoch, Lisa, Prosper and Hope who are missionaries with me living under difficult circumstances. Thanks to all who have stood with us in prayers and material support.

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